How to Make a Birdhouse with Your Own Hands

Many of us from childhood remember how to make a birdhouse with our own hands. Almost every child at a certain stage of his development begins to think about helping wildlife. Many made birdhouses at labor lessons at school. But far from all the details of this production process, we remember exactly. Therefore, we offer you detailed instructions on how to make a birdhouse with your own hands from lumber.

 To make a birdhouse, we need about a meter of edged boards from coniferous wood. The thickness of the board can vary from 18 mm to 25 mm. The optimum width of the board is 200 mm. For side surfaces, it is better to take a similar coniferous board with a width of 150 mm and a length of 800 mm. For fastening parts, you can take ordinary nails or self-tapping screws five centimeters long in an amount of 20 to 30 pieces. To process all this “wealth” you need to purchase or take a hacksaw, a hammer, a simple pencil, a square, a drill for processing wood with a diameter of 4 and 5 mm in your “master’s box”. Self-tapping screws are easier to screw in with a screwdriver. If this tool is not at hand, then we will work with a Phillips screwdriver.

Making a Birdhouse: Drawing and Dimensions of a Birdhouse

In order to make a birdhouse, we need a drawing of a future product. However, the details of the birdhouse can be traced directly on the boards. To do this, we lay out the prepared boards on the carpentry table. We pick up a square and a simple pencil. And after that, we mark the sizes of future details. Carefully draw boards for the side surfaces and the front-back wall. Remember that for this you have taken boards of different widths.

In the end result, you should get 7 pieces of wood from the given parameters:

  • 3 boards with typical dimensions of 30 cm by 20 cm (these will be the facade and the back wall with the top cover of the birdhouse);
  • 2 side parts from edged boards 150 mm wide for the side walls;
  • 2 parts with a width of 150 mm and a length of 150 mm for the bottom of the birdhouse and the bottom of the roof.

All details are carefully cut out and signed with a simple pencil. An important detail – you can not sand the outer parts of the birdhouse. Their surface should be rough. This will allow birds to easily move along their house. If your board is too smooth, it is recommended to make special notches.

The typical sizes of a birdhouse are 20 cm wide, 30 cm high and 15 -20 cm deep. Properly building a birdhouse drawing will help you only if you do not confuse the details. Be careful, otherwise, you will have to redo your work several times.

What you need Before You Build a Birdhouse

Once all the details of the future birdhouse are ready for you, care should be taken to prepare in advance everything necessary for its assembly. And here you will come in handy simple tips of professional joiners.

Before you build a birdhouse, make sure that all the parts fit together. Then proceed to make holes in the front wall of the birdhouse. To do this, measure at least five centimeters from the top edge. This is done to ensure the safety of the offspring of birds from cats and other small predators. On the front wall of the birdhouse we draw two perpendicular lines. One of them goes through the center of the top edge of the board. The second line is drawn a perpendicular to the first at a distance of 5 cm from the top edge. The intersection of these lines is the place for the air hole. The easiest way to make it is with a wood drill with a diameter of 5 mm. The standard size of the air hole is 5 cm.

On all fastened parts, mark with a screwdriver the places for future fastening of self-tapping screws. Pre-lubricate self-tapping screws with machine oil for their better connection with wood parts.

Practical Manufacturing of Birdhouse

Now we are ready to begin the practical manufacture of a birdhouse with our own hands. All parts are ready, all tools are in place. Getting down.

To simplify the process of assembling a birdhouse, we first fasten together the right side wall and the front part. We do the same with the parts of the back and the left sidewall. We fold the corner parts and fasten together.

Turn the product over and fasten the bottom to the screws. After that, we make a birdhouse cover from two parts. We attach a small one to the wider part, which will fit tightly into the base of the birdhouse. The cover must be assembled in such a way that after installing it, a visor remains above the front surface five centimeters long. The cover can be fixed on the sides for 2 screws. This is due to the need for periodic cleaning inside the birdhouse.

How to Properly Place Birdhouses

After the birdhouse is ready, it must be placed in your garden. For this, you should choose quietly populated places. For fastening a birdhouse, it is better to use special supports from longboards, which are fastened with screws to the back wall of the birdhouse. Subsequently, this board is easily fixed on a tree trunk using thick wire. Thus, we avoid damage to the tree bark and provide the most comfortable environment for birds.

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