How to Make a Sandbox out of Wood with Your Own Hands

While your child is in the early preschool years, traveling with his parents to the cottage, he spends most of his time on the site. And how to make sure that the baby does not get bored? The answer is obvious – you need to equip a children’s sandbox on the territory – preschool children are very fond of sculpting Easter cakes and building sandcastles. The best option would be a wooden sandbox made by yourself, and not a purchased plastic trough, which now flooded specialized stores selling equipment for playgrounds.

The sandbox is an easy-to-manufacture and also an element of the playground that is very beloved by kids. At the same time, sand is not only excellent building material for castles, houses, etc. Games with it develop motor skills, creativity and are a good means of relaxation. Therefore, even despite the abundance of land available for digging on your site, the child still needs a sandbox.

Construction of a Children’s Sandbox Made of Wood with Their Own Hands

To make a sandbox out of wood with your own hands, you will need a beam with a cross-section of 100? 100 mm or a log with a diameter of at least 150 mm, an edged board 22 mm thick, nails or self-tapping screws on wood.

Before you make a sandbox out of wood, decide on its location and size. The sandbox should not be placed under the trees, as in this case fallen leaves and branches will be collected in it. In addition, with this arrangement, the sand will dry out longer after rain. Too small a sandbox is not worth it, because your baby will probably want to play in it not alone. It is believed that for a comfortable game of 2-3 children, it is enough to have a sandbox of size 2000? 2000 mm.

When building a children’s sandbox made of wood with your own hands, mark the position and size of the sandbox on the ground. Over the entire area of ​​the future structure, remove the soil to a depth of at least 150 mm. Pour a layer of rubble, gravel or pebbles into the resulting pit and ram it. The bottom of the sandbox should preferably be poured with concrete or tile. In the future, this will allow you to easily change the sand, which must be done at least once every two years.

From the timber or log cut four workpieces, which will act as racks. Their approximate height is 250-300 mm. It’s better to “tie” it to the width of the board you use for the sides. In case its width is less than 250 mm, use several boards.

Using nails or self-tapping screws, fasten the boards to the racks. Fasten the boards on top of one or two sides, thus constructing improvised benches for rest. For greater reliability when mounting boards it is better to use two nails or a self-tapping screw on each side.

Sand all surfaces and ends of sandbox parts. As you can see in the photo, the details of the sandbox made of wood are covered with several layers of colorless varnish or paint. After drying, set the sandbox on the prepared site. Pour sand a level slightly above half the height of the side.

It is advisable to provide that your sandbox is closed with a lid on top so that the animals do not use it as their toilet, and the sand remains clean. In addition, consider how to install a canopy – “fungus” or “umbrella” over the sandbox on hot days.

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