Layout in the Form of Green Rooms in the Garden

The green room in the garden is a good option for zoning large personal plots with designated areas for useful and decorative plantings. On this page, a garden layout option is considered in the form of isolated territories, each of which has its own purpose.

The proposed elements of landscape design can be replaced by more suitable plants and devices in each specific case.

The Layout of the Garden

The method of designing a garden using the green room method came to England, and now it comes to us from a classical Chinese garden, the layout of which is similar to the layout of a residential building. The garden is divided into “green rooms” that flow smoothly into one another.

The successful layout of the garden in the photo shows a combination of landscape design elements.

Plan of the Summer Garden

Planning a summer garden follows a certain principle. This may be the principle of functional zoning (front entrance zone, garden, bath with a pond, etc.), you can divide the garden according to coloristic grounds (white garden, green, etc.), based on design or collection preferences (regular ground, shadow part with a collection of ferns, a host path, a gravel garden …) and so on. What could be the “wall” of such a green “room”?

High hedges, garden screens twined with vines, mixed border, wood-shrub group, fence.

Each room has its own purpose, and repeating plants and planning techniques combine them into a single whole, giving the garden a clear structure and filling it with a sense of harmony and peace. Plants having flowers of the same color or having a similar growth form, as well as the same materials used for paving or making supports for vines, can play the role of repeating elements. The garden can be compared to a piece of music in which the same melody is repeated in several places or its variations are present.

Look at the plan of the summer garden in the photo, which illustrates an example of a successful solution.

Planning for Landscaping 12 Hectare

A garden size of 12 acres consists of six green rooms. Planning a plot of 12 acres begins with its breakdown into rooms. The landscape design of the 12-hectare site will be built according to the zonal purpose.

The first room is a front area, an outdoor dining room.

She opens her gaze immediately from the gate. Its “walls” are two mix borders and a garden trellis with clematis. Under an apple tree on a lawn near a stationary bench (it’s also a bench), a large table with chairs is placed. Here the family dines on weekends, hosts guests, and arranges tea parties.

Landscape Design Elements

Landscape elements allow you to create a functional space in any territory. The following are landscape design elements that will be used in the proposed layout:

  1. the hedge of small-leaved linden.
  2. thuja western columnar.
  3. thuja heather.
  4. vertical juniper.
  5. frankincense purple.
  6. сeremonial solar mix border.
  7. Mixborder, visible from the windows of the kitchen.
  8. weeping purple apple tree on the stem.
  9. hedge from cotoneaster brilliant.
  10. rockery.
  11. pond.
  12. sofa swing.
  13. creepers on the mezzanine.
  14. shop.
  15. Wisteria (Wisteria).
  16. penumbra mix border under the apple trees.
  17. Clematis on the trellis.
  18. rose gardens.
  19. the hedge of columnar arborvitae.
  20. hedge from the barberry of Thunberg.
  21. thyme.
  22. Amur velvet.
  23. Lilac.
  24. Cedar pine.

The second room is a French garden. This decorative garden consists of eight rays-beds, departing from the central module with coniferous composition. The garden is separated from the garden by a small-leaved linden hedge and a ceremonial mix border, its two other sides are the borders of the site. You can get here if you turn almost immediately from the gate into the passage in front of the hedge. Although the garden is called decorative, it is quite functional and gives a decent harvest of carrots, beets, greens, strawberries.

Ground cover roses are planted in the narrowest places of the trapezoidal beds, a very small concession to beauty at the expense of goodness, all other parts of the beds are given to vegetables, berries, and greens.

The third room is a heather garden, a secluded place for thought.

In this place, heathers are collected – rhododendrons, evergreen and deciduous, gaultheria, heathers. The round heather garden is surrounded by a gravel path. And here is a beautiful bench. Sitting on it, you can both ponder and admire the plants – vines on the garden screen of complex shape, hiding this area from the rest of the garden. You can enter here only on a step-by-step path, the thickets are almost closed, but another step … and you are inside a wonderfully arranged space.

The fourth zone is a relaxation area near the bathhouse with a small rockery and a wonderful pond with a quiet stream, and you can sit here on the sofa-swing.

The fifth room is an English garden with a square shape. Paths cross it diagonally, in the center there is a purple-leafed berry apple tree on a stem under which decorative strawberries sprawled. Varietal strawberries grow on the beds. This garden is isolated from the rest of the garden with cotoneaster brilliant and mix borders.

Sixth room – pickup and school. This room is not for guests. In a small space there is a real research laboratory, where each plant is closely monitored – how it overwintered, what kind it looks like in spring, what it looks like in the beginning, middle and end of summer, the plant is falling apart or not, whether it is damaged by pests and diseases, whether it is elegant enough it fades, because many plants are untidy during the “dying” period. The nursery is adjacent to the garage and is isolated from the garden with the help of two hedges – from thuja and from barberry, lined with thyme.

Plants for a Green Room in the Garden

This garden has many wonderful rare plants for a green room in the garden, the best of which are grouped in a semicircular mix border of continuous flowering, located directly in front of the house, its length is 11 m, its width varies from 1 to 3.5 m. It is lit almost all day by the sun. Tightly planted beautiful plants look amazingly impressive.

Choosing plants for hedges in the climatic conditions of central Russia is not easy, perhaps the best contender for the role of such a plant is the cotoneaster brilliant. The hedge of it is leafy from top to bottom, the leaf is small shiny, the internodes are short, sheared perfectly. The shrubby form of small-leaved linden is a stable plant, characterized by shade tolerance and frost resistance, since the time of Peter the Great has been considered for Russia an excellent material for high hedges, two and even three meters high.

Plants overflow this garden, fill every square centimeter, splashing onto the lawn and paths, creating exquisite combinations of color and shape throughout the season. Of course, such a garden requires serious care. The hostess wasn’t tired of playing with rarities: wisteria blossoms (albeit single flowers), the Flamingo maple became an adult, Amur velvet and Sumy grew in huge trees, but it is communication with the garden that gives her the opportunity to relax, forget about problems, and relax her soul.

Designing a garden using the green room method is a universal method by which you can create a comfortable garden for a family with a wide variety of needs. It is quite possible to combine different garden styles in it and arrange plant collections for landscape design.

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