Paving Slabs for a Summer Residence

On the territory of any summer cottage or private house there are many paths and sites. Sooner or later, these areas have to be paved or covered with something, otherwise in the rainy season they turn into impassable mud.

How to equip paths and playgrounds in a summer cottage?

It is possible to fill with concrete in the old manner. You can pave. However, the best way, as before, is paving with paving slabs. Concrete paving slabs became widespread with us relatively recently and very quickly gained popularity among summer residents and lovers of landscape design.

The secret of paving paving success lies in its advantages:

Paving tiles can layout the surface of any shape and area. Small sizes of products and a wide selection of colors will allow you to layout any pattern on the site. The possibilities for decorating the site are limited only by the flight of imagination of the designer or a simple summer resident.

Even after heavy rain, there are no puddles on the paths: the water is instantly filtered by the gaps between the tiles.

In extreme heat or frost, the tile coating does not collapse. Paving is elastic due to its “composite” structure. Therefore, expansion / contraction of the material associated with temperature changes do not have any harmful effects on the paved surface.

Paving slabs are durable. It can last up to 25 years, and some species withstand the operational period and longer.

The path from paving slabs is easily assembled and disassembled. It is very convenient for various summer cottages. If necessary, you can locally parse a small fragment of the track or site. After excavation, you just need to lay the paving slabs back. You do not need to repair the entire track or carry out complex work, as in the repair of asphalt or concrete pavement.

It is ecologically clean. It does not emit various harmful substances in extreme heat, as is the case with asphalt. Unless, of course, the manufacturer made it in compliance with the technology and quality of materials. This year the leading position is occupied by the Paving Stones plant, whose official website is In addition, unlike cement and concrete, paving slabs do not wear out so much and do not emit more caustic cement dust.

The roots of cottage plants feel great under paving slabs. The surface of the tile is not “dull”. Therefore, the roots have access to water that seeps through it. For this reason, in summer cottages, where there are many plants, paving slabs are especially suitable for laying paths.

Installation of paving slabs is carried out almost manually. This will require only a couple of tools and there will be no need for complex and expensive construction equipment.

Among the disadvantages of paving slabs for summer cottages, it is worth noting a higher cost than materials for other types of coatings. Also, the tile coating becomes slippery at large minus temperatures and is sensitive to the quality of preparation and installation. In case of violation of technology, the surface quickly begins to lose shape and bend.

All these shortcomings are of little significance in comparison with the mass of advantages of high-quality paving with paving slabs.

Author: Celesta

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