The Advantages of Vertical Gardening

This type of landscaping with climbing plants appeared in the 9th century BC. And not surprisingly, vertical gardening has a number of advantages: plants protect your home from overheating, dust, soundproof, enrich with oxygen, and also significantly improve the appearance of your building. But in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to observe several important rules: initially, you need to think carefully about your design goal, then comes the choice of a suitable plant, and only then, compliance with all technologies.

Vertical gardening varies depending on the tasks, the so-called photo wall can be solid or modular, regular geometric shape or curly, but at the same time, it is compact and easy to install both on the street and in the room of any configuration.

The most used plant type in vertical gardening is the liana – the most plastic of plants, which can rise to a height of about 25 m and is able to take the most intricate forms. Plants of this species are annual and perennial, grassy and ligneous. However, these plants are often demanding on soil composition, moisture level, and light exposure. Such species of vines as Actinidia colorectal, five-leafed girl’s grape, Chinese magnolia vine, rotundifolia, Japanese Dioscorea love to live in partial shade; a complete shadow is necessary for the aconite creeper, hops, round wood pliers, nightshade. The most undemanding are the golden honeysuckle, honeysuckle, Telman, Gekrotti, the Daurian moon seed seedling, bittersweet nightshade, girl’s grapes, fluffy calistegia.

Very topical now is vertical gardening with the help of imperious plant species. It can be standing or hanging flower pots, hanging boxes, flowerpots that decorate your entrance to the house, gazebo, window and doorways, room walls. Most often, brightly flowering plants such as pelargonium, fuchsia, surfing, caliberhoa, fortunes are used for this purpose; which can be decorated with the most intricate supports that can be made with your own hands in the form of any simple figure.

And most importantly, caring for your vertical garden is very simple: you need to water, feed and trim your green pets on time. The vertical placement of plants on surfaces frees the owner from constant land work and allows you to save the useful area of ​​the structure.

Author: Celesta

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