Tree Lighting

Any parking area, garden, square or alley needs high-quality year-round lighting. And high-quality lighting is possible only in the case of using LED lamps. LEDs at this point in time are rightfully recognized as the best and most popular solution for landscape lighting plots. They provide people with convenient mobility in the dark, have a long service life and emit a very soft, uniform light that eliminates eye strain and gives only pleasure when walking surrounded by plants.

Decent visual characteristics are brought to the site and tree lighting, carried out using LED lights. It finds successful use both in the countryside and in public places. Such lighting makes any garden original and magical, the square fabulous and vibrant, the evening alley romantic and beautiful, and the park amazing and stylish.

LEDs manufactured under the Alfresco trademark are new generation luminaires that have a whole range of advantages compared to competitive lighting options for green areas. They not only provide magnificent decorative effects when high-quality illumination and illumination of trees are required, but also have a long service life, contribute to significant savings in electric energy, and, consequently, money, especially in the case of plots richly planted with woody plants.

In addition, backlighting and tree lighting with LEDs guarantees unrivaled contrast, light output, and color reproduction and is absolutely safe from the point of view of environmental damage. LED lamps will not be broken with stones by hooligans, they can be successfully operated both in severe frosts and in the summer heat. And in addition to the Alfresco metal poles, which imply reliable corrosion protection, the LEDs create a very attractive landscape.

Electronmash company offers you a huge selection of LED products, from the simplest fixtures to exclusive products. And so that the illumination of trees or their lighting really justified your expectations, you can take the opportunity to develop lamps of individual design taking into account the requirements of your particular facility. You can read about lighting small plants.

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