Wooden Garden Benches for Giving from Improvised Materials

Garden benches are important elements of landscape design. Properly designed and installed benches for summer cottages create comfortable conditions for outdoor recreation. Wooden benches for summer cottages – this is the most common arrangement. Also in the material are examples of the organization of recreational facilities by making benches from improvised materials.

The bench, or bench, – a board on legs, for a seat; a portable bench, or a stool, a chair without a back, or a low footrest.

As a decorative element, benches can decorate the garden, be an accent or focus on perception. At the same time, they organize this very view, which people sitting on them admire. Taking into account the benches, recreational areas and decorative plant compositions are formed; they are necessarily located near the pond.

It all depends on your lifestyle, each one has his own. Accordingly, both benches and their use are different. The arrangement of benches is a serious matter. On the one hand, it is a powerful weapon in the field of landscape solutions – for example, with the help of garden benches you can outline the boundaries of the zones on the site. On the other hand, functionality and usability are extremely important. Many factors should be taken into account, including the view that opens from the bench, illumination at different times of the day, site traffic, etc. Before you buy or build a stationary bench on the site, which is subsequently difficult to rearrange, experiment with a chair or armchair. When choosing a place, observe it at different times of the day.

The garden setting should fit into the ensemble of the garden and the country house and match them in spirit. The forged furniture looks good in the classic and Mediterranean style garden. The Art Nouveau garden is impossible to imagine without the characteristic flowing lines and floral motifs. Wooden benches, gray from time to time, are associated with rural and natural gardens, and rough furniture made of logs and stumps will fit into them. The modern garden will be decorated with minimalist furniture, for example, from an aluminum frame with wooden elements.

Heavy stationary furniture, which cannot be removed, remains to winter in the garden, light and folding garden furniture stands in the garden all summer, and is cleaned in the barn or on the veranda for the winter.

Types of Garden Wooden Benches

Types of benches include various designs made of wood and other improvised materials. The shape of the bench significantly depends on where we intend to place it: at the reservoir, at home, in the garden, in the recreation area. The main criterion for the construction of the bench is the beauty and ease of use.

Often, on the north side of the house or in the shade of trees, a bench is set up, sitting on which we can hide from the summer heat. A person feels comfortable if the space behind him is protected. If there is neither a house nor a large tree nearby, the back of such benches can be closed, for example, with a juniper wall, shorn mock-up or girl’s grape.

Decorative Benches for the Garden

Be sure to equip one of the corners of the garden so that there is a place where for some time, albeit very insignificant, you could be alone, think, dream, maybe read a book, do needlework, drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. The desire sometimes to be alone is a completely natural phenomenon. For lovers of privacy, there are decorative benches for the garden, rather resembling a large armchair. Such a bench is placed in quiet and calm places, from where all approaches to the nook will be visible – surprises in the form of a suddenly approached family member or guest are useless.

Bench at Home

In your own garden, set up a bench by the house where you can admire the best views of the garden and the surrounding area, if any, of course. Such a bench invites you to take a break and admire beautiful flower beds, enjoy the floral aromas, and observe the life of the pond. Install it in places where the most attractive corners of the garden are clearly visible. In important “strategic” points of the garden, for example, on a hillock with a beautiful view of the surroundings, a bench for two is usually set up.

Near-Water Cottage Benches

Near-water cottage benches create comfort for privacy. You never get tired of looking at the water, unless you get tired of standing for a long time, so a bench on the shore of a garden pond is simply necessary. If the water composition has no place from where to admire it, then why arrange this water venture. Fishes, frogs, dragonflies, lizards, newts, bugs … It is a great pleasure to watch the “population” of the pond. On the bench by the pond, the most nervous people calm down, and the grouchy and angry become much more pleasant in communication. Water has a calming effect on everyone. And if you add to this the murmur of a small fountain or a waterfall, you will never want to leave this bench.

Garden Bench

A circular garden bench located around the tree trunk invites you to a relaxing holiday. Of course, the branches of the tree should not grow too low and block the person sitting on the bench, a view of the surrounding beauty. If a circular view is not possible, you can put a semicircular or ordinary bench under the tree. The roots of the old tree are shallow, so the area under the bench is covered with gravel.

Under the branches of an old powerful tree, it is simply necessary to arrange a circular bench, the design of which is quite simple, its production will not take much time. Such a relaxation area is only possible in old gardens. At any time, you will find here a shade so desired in the heat, and the soil under the tree and it itself will not be damaged.

Garden Furniture and a Bench Made of Logs

Look at the log furniture in the photo and marvel at the natural beauty and conciseness. If you are lucky enough to get a piece of wood for ownership or a long-term lease or at least find some logs or stumps in the woods, then you can make practical, durable and very original furniture. The best species for logs and stumps are oak, larch, pine will also fit.

Whatever breed you choose, the bark will peel off quickly enough, but the wood will last for many years. If you want your “furniture” to become even more durable, treat it with some material that protects against decay. Garden furniture log bench is a reliable and durable construction.

Furniture made of wheels. One of the main things in gardening in general and in the manufacture of garden furniture, in particular, is enthusiasm. A creative person turns everything he touches into a work of art. Absolutely unusual benches can be created using cartwheels.

If you have two wheels, you can use them as the sidewalls of the bench, nail the crossbars at the center of the wheel and lay a horizontal seat on them. Another master uses these two wheels in a different way. One wheel he sawed in half, connect the two halves and get the back of the bench. And from the second wheel he will make a garden table for this bench, pre-filling the voids between the wooden knitting needles with wooden wedges – so that nothing falls into the “holes”.

Wooden Benches in the Country

There are incredibly original benches made of wood, photos of which can be seen on this page below. It is possible, for example, to fix a wooden seat on a retaining wall, bring some bright pillows, and it’s very nice to add an elegant wrought-iron back.

The retaining wall can be used as the back of the bench by constructing a seat of horizontally sawn halves of logs mounted on upright large stones mounted in the wall.

Conceptually-minded gardeners can try to make a stylized wooden bench a continuation of the hedge line . Very unusual, but comfortable for sitting and admiring the garden.

Picnic Table

A picnic table is usually called a design in which the table is “tightly” connected to the benches. There is hardly a person who refuses to enjoy eating outdoors. It is so nice to relax and chat in nature, enjoying communication and delicious dishes. This is stationary furniture that does not need to be pulled out or laid out.

This table is very durable, stable and beautiful. As a rule, it can accommodate at least 8 people, it is longer and wider than most ordinary tables, the minimum size of the tabletop is 1.6 X 1.8 m. The height of the table is 72 cm. The transverse frames under the tabletop can be decorated with decorative patterns, and in the center of the tabletop make a hole for installing an umbrella from the sun.

Dining bench or bench in a recreation area. Such a bench (one or several) stands at a large summer table under a canopy, in a recreation area or a barbecue area, where they cook and eat in the fresh air. Near the barbecue area, the bench is usually large so that the whole company can fit on it, more often several benches are placed here. Leisure areas and playgrounds are some of the most important functional areas in the garden. It is the benches that turn them into places of pleasant pastime; they are not intended for spectacular completion of the perspective or attracting attention to the opening view, but for a comfortable location during the lunch meal, traditional evening tea drinking, as well as convenient placement of the watching kid.

Playground Bench

A bench on the playground may be the most common. And you can arrange a bench here, which has the exotic name “cash desk-punk”, which means “chest plus bench” in Italian. This type of furniture appeared in the Renaissance in Italy (XV-XVI centuries) – they attached a back and handrails to a large chest and put it on the podium.

In those ancient times, it was class furniture, indicating that its owners belong to a privileged and rich layer of society. With the help of mattresses and pillows, she easily turned into a bed. Merchant people kept money and other values ​​in it. Merchants preferred to sit on it, which was useful in those dangerous times. From the Italian cash desk punk began and savings banks, and banks.

Such a bench with a box under it will help to clean up the playground if you teach your child to put toys there. Something similar can also be organized near a hydraulic structure such as a waterfall or fountain, hiding all the necessary electrical appliances there. Garden tools can be stored there. Cash desk-punk is a bench and a mini-shed at the same time.

Material for the Bench

The bench, which is destined to stand in the open, by definition should withstand the sun and rain, wind, snow, and hail. For the manufacture of benches using a variety of materials: wood, forged steel, aluminum, plastic, stone, glass, Hularo synthetic fiber. Materials for benches used for the manufacture of garden furniture have their own advantages and disadvantages. Often benches combine metal and marble, glass and wood, stone and mosaic, concrete and wood, etc.

The choice of materials from which you can make a comfortable bench or bench is quite large:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • stone;
  • combined;
  • plastic;
  • from artificial rattan (hularo);
  • soddy.

The most common material from which garden furniture is made in wood today. A wooden bench conquers naturalness, proximity to the environment in which it is destined to stand for many years. The tree lends itself perfectly to processing and allows you to create benches of any shape, fits into almost any garden, creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

When developing the design of benches, do not focus on standard “bench” motives.

Benches made of minimally processed logs look very good in the garden. A lurid bench will spoil the impression of the garden, even if it’s comfortable to sit on it, the quality and design of garden furniture must be approached extremely demanding, a lot depends on your artistic taste.

Wood, like any organic material, is not very resistant to natural elements. Few species of wood can stand on the street for a long time without special treatment: these are teak, beech, and larch, now exotic eucalyptus has been added to them.

Teak has a dense structure, contains a large number of oils and adhesive substances, therefore it does not decay, does not dry out, is not afraid of frost, and tolerates changes in temperature and humidity. Its wood does not need additional treatment with waterproof varnishes. Over time, after two or three years, under the influence of the environment, the tree changes its color, begins to turn gray and becomes, in my opinion, even more, beautiful and noble.

If you want to preserve the natural golden brown color, treat it with special products, such as teak oil. The same thing happens with eucalyptus, garden furniture from which they bring us from Vietnam, it is resistant to weathering.

Beech and larch share second place in resistance to weather disasters. Furniture made from them must necessarily be covered with several layers of varnish, and only after that, it can be kept in the garden. The furniture from the northern pine is good, which, thanks to processing using modern technologies, is very resistant to the effects of weather.

To extend the life of the wooden benches are processed. The most common method of protection is staining with varnish, oil paints, enamels, and varnishes; however, protection will be more effective if the wooden structures are treated with antiseptics before applying the paint layers. Think carefully about the color of the bench. The white color will sharply highlight all the lines of the bench against the backdrop of greenery, so they should be impeccable, dirt on white benches is very noticeable, for example, after rain, but such benches look elegant and spectacular in the garden. Coloring in different colors with stripes or rhombuses most often “kills” a bench, and it looks ridiculous. Bright green and brown colors do not please, although many summer residents traditionally prefer them to everyone else. Wooden benches look great, with the texture and color of wood visible. To do this, it is best to use special transparent impregnations that naturally change the shade of wood, but do not hide its pattern. Try to find worthy coloring options that harmoniously fit into the garden composition. A nice garden bench is a pleasant blue color that repeats the color of the fence.

Although wooden furniture is less durable than metal or stone furniture, it is often more comfortable. A tree, aging, over the years becomes only more attractive, creating the feeling that the garden was not created yesterday, this is exactly what the newly created gardens lack.

Shod Benches from Metal

Strong and durable metal furniture is traditionally used in the garden. Elegant benches with forging or casting elements add luxury to the garden. Exquisite lace forged products appropriate in an elegant well-kept garden. Forged benches are an integral attribute of the Art Nouveau gardens and modern versions of this style.

Wrought iron benches, perhaps, will never go out of fashion, with intricate curls, flowers, and leaves – they make the garden so romantic. And patina is just a special coating that art forging masters will apply to the finished product according to your desire. By the way, forged does not mean heavy. In the manufacture of individual furniture, a hollow metal tube or plate is taken as the basis, so forged products are not heavier than wooden ones.

Benches and sofas are either made entirely of wrought iron, or metal is taken for the frame, and wood for the backs and seats. To sit it was soft and comfortable, you can supplement the bench with soft pillows with or without ties. The forged bench will serve for many years, but you will have to periodically wipe it with a damp sponge and rub it with wax. Such benches fit perfectly into the landscape.

Such furniture is easy to use and not heavy, it is made of aluminum and galvanized steel. Sometimes the base is made of cast iron, and aluminum plays the role of a finishing material; the seats and backs of benches can be made of polyester or metal mesh.

Forged furniture is usually painted in matt black, sometimes it is artificially aged. Cast furniture, as a rule, is made of aluminum alloys, foundry steel or cast iron. Forged and cast products should be well painted since corrosion usually starts from places where the color is broken. Casting is often cheaper than wood or forging. Aluminum is popular. It is resistant to environmental influences, does not rust and, most importantly, is extremely lightweight. The legs of any metal furniture should have a wide base, otherwise, it will fall into the ground and stand unstable.

Spectacular and durable bench made of natural or artificial stone. In cold weather, you can’t sit on a stone bench for a long time, so its seat is often made of wood. Standing apart is furniture carved from natural stone or cast from concrete. These products are not so much garden furniture as a work of art. Their price is appropriate, not at all affordable.

In the spirit of Chinese and Japanese gardens, seats and tables made of stones. It is very beautiful and unusual. With the help of such “furniture”, you can maintain the flavor of a corner of the garden, made in an oriental spirit.

Plastic Bench

The plastic bench is cheap, easy to keep clean and move from one corner to another, but they look easier than any others, although they are quite nice. Plastic garden furniture is made of durable polypropylene, and its range is by no means limited to cheap plastic sets of tables and chairs, which have become popular garden furniture in our dachas.

There is plastic furniture that looks more solid and noble, it is durable and will last for many years, often plastic parts are combined with metal. It is easy to wash, it is not afraid of humidity and frost, and the polymers used in the manufacture of such furniture are resistant to temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation. Plastic furniture is most often white, blue or green – these shades fit best into the garden. The tops of expensive plastic tables often imitate mosaics or stone. On such a surface, inevitable scratches are less noticeable than on a plain and smooth one, and it looks more interesting.

Hularo Material – Artificial Rattan

Wicker furniture for many symbolizes a relaxing summer vacation, but furniture woven from natural materials such as rattan, abaca (textile banana), reed and willow twigs in our climate is poorly adapted to outdoor life. Despite all the tricks of processing the material, wicker furniture fails relatively quickly, gets wet and crackers and, if standing in the open, serves only one season, so it is better to use it in the gazebo, on the veranda or under a canopy.

Not so long ago there was a new synthetic material hularo (artificial rattan), consisting of rubber and artificial additives, it was originally intended for processing the sliding surfaces of skis and snowboards. Artificial rattan is used to make thick threads round in cross-section, similar to rattan, or thick strips about 1 cm wide, from which garden furniture is woven. The canvas, manually woven from hularo, put on aluminum frames. Hularo furniture does not need special care, you can simply wipe it or wash it with water from a hose. It is pleasant to the touch and light, can withstand any weather, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, large temperature differences, and mechanical stress. Its only but significant drawback is its high price. Often, hilarious is called artificial rattan, outwardly they are similar, but furniture made from natural rattan will only stand on the street for a season, from hularo for many years. Hularo is not inferior to natural materials in appearance but significantly exceeds them in durability. This material is made in different colors, widths, and textures, imitates various natural materials, any weaving pattern from it can be. Every year, furniture from Hularo is becoming more popular.

Garden furniture is not always done using only one material, designers skillfully use a combination of materials. Teak and hularo, stone and glass, aluminum and fabric are combined in such a way that the practical and aesthetic merits of each material are most successfully combined. For example, the difference in textures and colors is played out: glass is combined with metal, forged with wood, and the seats and backs of teak benches are made of hularo. For seats, mesh synthetic fabrics are often used. They dry quickly, do not fade, and sit on them gently, so you will not need additional pillows, which so often we do not have time or forget to remove before the rain.

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